Educative and
skill-oriented learning


Self-paced and
interactive learning

Practical approach-
oriented courses

Case studies and storyboards

Our top performers

Cyber Kid
of the week
Cyber Kid
of the month
Cyber Kid
of the year

Rewards and yearly gifts

Best overall performers of the program will be rewarded with
Reward points
Goodies & Gifts

The best overall performers of the program will be rewarded with the following

  • Best Performer Certificate / Appreciation certificate

  • Goodies and Gifts from ISEA on yearly basis

  • Acknowledgement and appreciation published on the website

Quizzes and competitions for children

National level quiz competitions are conducted for the students regularly
Drawing, Painting, cartoon stories, Reels, Short videos

User Engagement Programs

Engaging children in cybersecurity is crucial to development of responsible digital citizens. Here are some user engagement programs that can spark their interest, innovation and equip them with essential cybersecurity skills

  • Quizzes

  • Competitions- Drawing, Painting, Cartoon stories, Reels, Short videos

Exciting awards and rewards

Students can participate in national and state level quizzes and competitions at regular intervals to win exciting prizes
Cyber aware kid at
District level / State level / National level
participate actively in the
  • Quiz

  • Competitions

  • Online course

  • Cyber activities

to win exciting awards and rewards

Ways to get awarded at national level


Earn and accumulate reward points at every
step of course completion


Actively participate in online quiz


Actively participate in the painting, drawing and
other competitions conducted regularly

Learning can be fun too


Exciting and informative cartoon videos ...

Cartoon storyboards

interactive cartoon stories which are interesting ...


Pictures and word puzzles are fun way ...


The lessons include engaging activities like drag and drop ...

Cyber games

Educative games like flashcards, images pairing ...


Check your understanding through the feedback ...

Overview and unique features

The cyberkid program is designed to equip school children with the knowledge and skills they need to navigate the digital world safely and responsibly

Come join us in the journey to explore the ways to safely navigate cyberspace with exciting resources that makes your journey exciting and fun
Uniques features
Awards and gift to performers
Rewards point based program
Competitions and Quizzes
Activities and Games
Webinars and free workshops
Free resources
8 Hours Interactive course


An interesting online course to empower young minds to become responsible digital citizens by learning about cyber safety and cyber ethics.

Course highlights

Free course

No cost involved and high valued certification

Self paced learning

Engaging and interactive multimedia content such as animated videos, cartoon stories, and quizzes

Flexible learning

Learn at your own pace and on your own time


Instant course completion certification

Who can join this fun ride?

  • Children from the classes 5th to 7th

  • Anyone who is interested in learning about cybersecurity can also participate.

  • Children from diverse educational backgrounds, including State board schools, CBSE schools, ICSE schools, JNVs, KVs, and international/private schools, are welcome to participate.

Explore the interesting topics


Cyber ethics


Device security


Digital wellbeing


Online gaming


Cyber bullying


Cyber stalking


Safe browsing


Cyber offences


Online dangers

Objectives of this educative program

    Educating children about cyber safe practices
    Awareness about online threats and security measures
    Promoting responsible use of technology
    Awareness about cyber hygiene practices
    Promoting healthy and safe digital device usage

Benefits you gain

Increased knowledge

of new cybersecurity threats and Security measures

Self protection

Improved ability to protect yourself from cyber threats

Educational pathways

Knowledge about learning pathways related information security domain
know more..

Valued contributions

Any contributions from children in form of stories, videos, cartoons etc., will be considered for use in the website

Recognition and rewards 

Students will be rewarded with points at every stage of course. Their talent will be recognized and awarded at National and state level.

Interactive ways of participation

Explore and learn about ways to shield or protect yourself in the cyber world through the various user engagement programs we offer know more..

Mass Awareness

Cybersecurity awareness is an ongoing process of educating about the threats, and how to prevent such threats. It also helps to inculcate in them a sense of proactive responsibility for keeping safe in cyberspace and the following are a few ways proposed for children besides role-based cyber awareness and user engagement programs. 

Awareness workshops/ webinars
Handbooks / Videos
Cyber Fitness mobile application

Cyber fitness app

Who can join the initiative and
collaborate with us?

Opportunity will be provided to host the Cyber Kid online
course exclusively on individual websites with their logo.

Schools from the State boards, CBSE, JNVs, KVs, ICSE
International/private schools
Interested educational institutions
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