Strengthening research & education in Information Security

  • Enhance the capacity and capabilities for research and education in advanced & emerging areas of Information Security
  • The program is designed to focus on 10 (ten) thematic areas & related sub-areas namely (i) Computer & Network Security (ii) Mobile Device Security (iii) Software Security (incl. systems) (iv) Hardware Security (v) Security in Futuristic Technologies (AI/ML, AR/VR, etc.) (vi) Cryptography (vii) Security in Distributed Wireless Networks (IoT/CPS, 5G, etc.) (viii) Cyber Forensics (ix) Cyber Security (Operations, Services, Governance) & Privacy, and (x) Fintech Security (incl. Blockchain)

Programme activities include:

Generating research manpower in niche areas (Post-docs, MS by Research, SRF/JRF, RA, Young Fellows, etc.) Knowledge dissemination (national workshops, international conferences, bi-lateral cooperation activities, series of expert lecture, etc.)
Setting-up domain-specific labs Faculty build-up in niche areas
Knowledge creation (support for paper publications and filing of patents) POCs, MVPs, IPR is academics
Standardized curriculum Specialized M. Tech program
Introduction of new core/electives subjects at M. Tech/B. Tech level Promoting multi-disciplinary education
Online MOOC courses Internships in cyber security

Coming Soon...

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